The Cattle Breeding Consultancy is based in Dorset, England and now covers the South of England and the Midlands with clients’ herds as far west as Cornwall, east to Kent, north-east to Yorkshire and north-west to Scotland. The smallest herd I deal with is 90 cows and mylargest is over 1,000 cows. Our average herd size is about 150 cows. 

With over 1,000 bulls on general availability the choice for the dairy farmer was, and still is, completely bewildering. The intention has always been to offer a completely independent breeding advice service with no influence from the semen companies or breed societies. This is still my mission statement today and remains the reason why so many farmers look to the Cattle Breeding Consultancy for their breeding advice. 

Our recommendations use on all farms, an average of about 140+ bulls a year. These range from high production sires, low-cost production bulls, cross-breeding sires, high type bulls and breeders bulls to sound commercial sires offering real value for money. Many farmers comment that they recoup most of the consultancy fees in the money saved on semen against their normal budget yet they are often using higher production and fitness sires than before.