CFP The combined weight of fat and protein in the proof – the best measure of production efficiency.

Composite A calculated score of certain individual linears to give a ‘compound’ score for Feet & Legs and Udders.

CVM Complex Vertebral Malformation. A recessive genetic disease carried through the Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell bloodlines to his descendants. As the name suggests, the major effects of CVM are on the bones of the spine (vertebrae). The neck and /or the chest are shortened because of badly formed or fused vertebrae. The deformation often leads to a curved spine.

Crichel Principal daughter

Fertility Index This is based on information received from MRO’s on service data. The scale has been extended due to a greater weighting on non-return rate and calving interval. The range of FI is approximately +£20 to -£20 with the majority of bulls being within +£15 to -£15. Each positive point equates to approximately half a day quicker getting in calf.

Delta Canvas daughter

Lifespan  Lifespan is an indicator of longevity calculated first from heifer classification and then from actual culling information. The classification scores of the traits associated with longevity are used in the initial calculation. The PTA indicates the length of time a bull’s daughters are expected to stay in a herd measured in days relative to a bull with a score of zero.

Bomaz Homestead daughter

£PLI Profitable Life Index. A financial value based on production as well as Lifespan, SCC, Leg Health, Udder Health and Fertility Index. Expressed as a PTA, it is the net margin per cow per lifetime.
£PLI = Production 34.4%, Lifespan 15.1%, Fertility Index 15.3%, Leg Health 8.1%, Udder Health 13.7%, Calving Ease 1.6%, Efficiency 11.8%

PTA Predicted Transmitting Ability. This is what an animal is predicted to pass on to it’s offspring and can be for production or type traits. A PTA of 500 for milk kgs means that an animal passes 500 kgs of potential milk production to the next generation. This, of course, is only half of what is passed as the other parent also transmits a value too.

Mature Dixie-Lee Aaron daughter

Reliability A figure representing the accuracy of the proof. The more daughters that there are spread in more herds the higher the reliability. The aim for a first proof is to get 60+ daughters in 40+ herds. Nominal range for bulls is 65% to 70% for genomic bulls, 75% good, 90% high and 99% for second crop bulls.

Kregnol Mandel Cevis daughters

SCC Somatic Cell Count is expressed as a PTA percentage so a bull with a SCC PTA of +13 is expected to pass on an increase in SCC to its offspring. Therefore, with SCC, a minus score is desirable. The nominal range of current bulls is around –40 to + 40.

Type Merit Type proofs are calculated by InterBull for all major countries. Type Merit is a single score encompassing the individual scores in the linear.

Type Profile Also known as the linear score, this is a breakdown of each trait and is what appears on the bar graphs in brochures.