All-Weather Paintstik Livestock Marker

Fertility plays a major part of dairy cow economics and breeding aids should form part of any breeding management programme. Studies have shown that 68% of all bulling activity occurs between 6pm and 6am so good heat detection is essential for efficient reproductive management. One of the most effective aids is to use a tail-paint marker and now  the All-Weather Paintstik is available to UK dairy farmers for the first time. It is fade resistant, non-toxic and high visibility and it marks wet or dry hides, skins or pelts and is suitable for all classes of livestock. Quick and easy to apply and available in a range of colours, the All-Weather Paintstik is already proving popular as a cost-effective aid to heat detection and general livestock use.

Weather and fade resistant

Non-toxic high visibility.

Marks wet or dry hides, skins or pelts.

Suitable for all classes of livestock

A cheaper alternative to Kamars™ and a quicker method than tail paint. Easy to apply

 4 main colours – Orange (Fl. and Matt) – Pink (Fl. and Matt) – Green (Fl. and Matt) – Blue (Matt).

 Priced at just £3.00 each in boxes of 12

 1-5 boxes add £4.50 per box carriage

 6 boxes + carriage free

Discounts for larger quantities

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